I. Successful performance of assigned duties with considerable independence, initiative and productivity, contributions to collection building and instructional effectiveness

  • Managed, configured and maintained the library’s integrated library system (Ex Libris’ Aleph 500) and web OPAC (AquaBrowser). Tasks included:
    • Retrieved and analyzed monthly material processing statistics.
    • Requested and loaded new patron files into Aleph before the start of each semester and interim session.
    • Managed student and staff permissions.
    • Queried Aleph databases and retrieved various reports as requested by staff.
    • Modified various configuration tables which control Aleph’s behavior. (Library hours, patron borrowing permissions, item processing statuses, etc.)
    • Collaborated with Aquabrowser Support to customize the web catalog and resolve outstanding issues.
    • Tracked and documented Aleph issues and fixes using the FootPrints Service Core support tool.
    • Batch loaded and suppressed monthly bibliographic records from partnered vendors.
    • Checked URLs attached to bibliographic records to ensure that they still properly function.
  • Maintained a working knowledge of technologies critical to the design and delivery of library services.
  • Optimized Digital Commons pages to enhance their ranking and placement in search engine results.
  • Processed and cataloged equipment for the library’s Tech Tools collection.
  • Configured desktop and handheld barcode scanners.
  • Created barcode shelf labels for in-house print periodicals.
  • Installed and customized library related software programs on staff PCs.
  • Assisted with setup and operation of various webcasting events around campus, including alumni LiveWired events and Undergraduate Commencement ceremonies.
  • Continued to investigate emerging technologies and communicated developments to library faculty, staff and students; worked to implement appropriate Web 2.0+ technologies.
  • Assisted in collaborative planning, analysis, and assessment of services. Identified and assessed new technologies for use in the delivery of library services.
  • Provided reference and instruction services including some evenings and weekends in rotation; performed collection management duties as subject liaison.
  • Taught a total of five GEP100 information literacy sessions.
  • Worked a total of 27 evening and weekend shifts.
  • Served as liaison to the Film Studies program and the Department of African and African-American Studies.
  • Actively pursued professional development.
  • Assisted with coverage at the MetroCenter Library by providing reference services for an afternoon shift.

II. Supervisory and administrative ability

  • Served in the role of Campus Survey Administrator for the 2014 MISO Survey. Collaborated with LITS staff to set up and launch the survey during the Spring 2014 semester.
  • Co-supervised three Tech Tools student workers by monitoring and assigning duties as required.
  • Directly supervised an additional Tech Tools student worker and a student volunteer who worked exclusively with the library’s MarkerBot 3D Printer. Guided and monitored their operation of the 3D printer and 3D scanner.
  • Principal developer of workflow, web portal, policies, and implementation of 3D printer services open to the campus community.
  • Collaborated with staff to map 2012 MISO questions into the LITS Strategic Plan document.

III. Creativity in planning and problem solving and ability to handle successfully tasks of increasing responsibility and complexity

  • Learned and continue to increase knowledge and understanding of the Aleph 500 ILS. This has resulted in increasing responsibilities in the local management of the Aleph client and configuration tables. This knowledge has also enabled the successful resolution of numerous issues and errors through reconfiguration and completion of more complex report requests from staff as documented in the FootPrints Service Core support tool.

Examples of problems resolved include:

    • Resolution of issue where suppressed items appearing in the classic catalog by creating a special item processing status code.
    • Modified and corrected faulty XSL files which displayed incorrect information in printed reports.
    • Worked with the Circulation Department to update wording in Lost Summary letters and adjusted intervals in which these letters are automatically sent.
  • Collaborated with library staff and OLIS to set up, configure and install a 3M SelfCheck automated checkout system.
  • Collaborated with library staff, OLIS and Sustainable Collection Services to compile and extract 470,000+ bibliographic records from Aleph for review.
  • Created and continuously maintain the Drake Memorial Library Statistics Dashboard; a tool which grants library faculty and staff easy access to statistics that were previously difficult to aggregate. Added additional metrics from partnered vendors including Serials Solutions and Films on Demand.
  • Continued to improve upon best practices for implementation of iPads, Nooks and other devices added to the Tech Tools collection. Updated practices facilitate easier configuration of devices and software and contribute to easier circulation procedures.
  • Collaborated with Logan Rath to develop and implement a holds/request system utilizing ILLiad and OpenURL entitled, “Request It!”
  • Librarian Team Leader, ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Program. (April 2013 – July 2014).
  • Facilitated dialog between OLIS and Serials Solutions to resolve failure of the weekly transfer of catalog records into Aquabrowser.
  • Co-organized an informational session at the library to engage and inform members of the New Faculty Learning Community about available services and resources.
  • Worked with Mildred Sefranek to implement a circulating library at the Rochester Educational Opportunity Center. Visited the EOC library to install the Aleph 500 ILS software suite on their computer and instruct and provide support in its operation and function. Modified Aleph configuration tables to create a new and unique patron type for EOC students which limited them to borrowing only EOC library materials at a custom loan interval.
  • Researched and implemented a method on the reference librarian computer to extend wallpaper images to its second monitor. Previously this monitor remained blank and faced outward toward the patrons. With this method, advertising images and other content can be displayed, providing another opportunity to market the library brand and other offerings and services.
  • Visited the Visual Studies Workshop with Logan Rath to assess the state of the VSW library collection and open a collaborative dialogue to develop future enhancements and foster cooperation between the Drake Memorial Library and the VSW.
  • Co-developed and implemented a process to catalog, process and circulate camera kits for the edTPA student teaching program. Worked with Jennifer St. John and Logan Rath to address problems and concerns to help the library manage these kits. Ran circulation reports for Jennifer St. John as requested.
  • Surveyed and moved the reference librarian PC to its current location at the far end of the consolidated library services desk. Resolved a number of wiring and physical limitations of the space to create a fully functioning and comfortable workspace.
  • Setup, configured and rewired the new iPad charging cart to meet the needs of the Drake Memorial Library. Modifications included additional surge protectors, alteration of original wiring to accommodate both Apple Lightning and dock charging cables and added hooks to organize materials pouches. Reconfigured and rewired the laptop charging cart to resolve the complicated and messy wiring that was in place.
  • Through research and troubleshooting developed a method to configure Windows 7 PCs to allow label printing through the OCLC Connexion software client. Labels printed without issue on previous versions of Windows, but not on version 7. Fix included modifying permissions and running compatibility mode on PC in Technical Services.


I. Peer-reviewed and adjudicated scholarly and creative products

II. Externally-funded projects or grants 

ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Program. (April 2013 – July 2014).

III. Presentations

Wierzbowski, K. (Presenter & Author), Cervone, G. C. (Presenter & Author), Auriemma, A. A. (Presenter & Author), Heywood, R. T. (Presenter & Author), 2013 SUNY Wizard Conference, “MoTek: Mobile Technology in Action at The College at Brockport,” SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC), Syracuse, NY. (November 20, 2013).

Wierzbowski, K. (Presenter & Author), 2012 Annual Conference and Trade Show, “Best of Reference 2012,” New York Library Association, Saratoga Springs, NY. (November 9, 2012).

IV. Non peer-reviewed or adjudicated scholarly and creative products

  • Designed and created a number of marketing products to promote the upcoming Promoting Scholarly Communication through Open Access Journals conference.
  • Designed and assembled the conference program for Giving and Getting Access To Scholarly and Instructional Materials.
  • Served in the role as webmaster for the Promoting Scholarly Communication through Open Access Journals conference website.
  • Designed a number of desktop wallpaper images to be used on the Reference Librarian PC for use in marketing and branding.
  • Created and manage the Tech Tools LibGuide, co-created and manage the Domestic/Dating Violence Resources LibGuide and co-manage the Film Studies and African and African-American Studies LibGuides.
  • Annually update and graphically enhance a PowerPoint slideshow entitled, “Veterans Among Us,” displayed during Veteran’s Day activities throughout campus.
  • Created quick-start guides for new equipment added to the Tech Tools collection.
  • Created and modified a PowerPoint-based ‘Jeopardy’ game for use at the Drake Memorial Library’s 1st Annual ComicCon event.
  • Created and designed an infographic providing an overview of library statistics sourced from MISO survey data.
  • Created and designed an informational flyer providing an overview of library statistics that was handed out at the accepted student open house sessions.
  • Created and designed an infographic displaying the milestone achievements of Digital Commons on its first anniversary.
  • Created and designed a logo for the College of 2025 conversations page on Digital Commons.
  • Co-designed the logo and Digital Commons page for the Journal of Literary Onomastics.
  • Created and designed an infographic outlining the download and use of theses from Digital Commons.
  • Created tutorials with Camtasia instructing college faculty on how to use the Feedback Forms for the 2013-2014 Collection Evaluation Project.

V. Other Scholarly & Creative Work

Work in Progress

  • “Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success” (On-Going)

The Drake Memorial Library has been accepted into the first cohort of 75 academic libraries to participate in ACRL’s Assessment in Action program. Teams who participate in the AiA program will lead their libraries in the development and implementation of an action learning project examining the impact of the library on student success and contributing to assessment activities on their campus. The project will result in a variety of approaches to assessing library impact on student learning, which will be documented and disseminated for use by the wider academic library and higher education communities. The different perspectives and experiences represented by the institutional team members will foster a collaborative approach to assessing the library’s impact on student learning and success on the campus of each participating institution.

Program concludes with a poster presentation at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, NV in June 2014.

Anticipated Activities

  • Present two sessions during the 2014 SUNYLA Conference: ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Assessing Library Instruction, Collaborating across Campus (principal presenter) and What We’ve Learned So Far and From Superhero Rings to Tangled Plastic Spaghetti: Our Year With a 3D Printer (principal presenter)
  • Continue to build upon knowledge gained through the Assessment in Action program to help develop a program of continuous and ongoing assessment of library services and contribute to a culture of assessment within the library and across campus.
  • Continue development and expansion of the Drake Memorial Library Statistics Dashboard.
  • Serve in role as faculty sponsor to Tech Tools students for their 2014 Scholars Day presentation, “3D Printing: Teaching Through Trinkets.”
  • Teach in-house workshops for faculty and staff on how to use Piktochart infographic authoring software,and other new devices added to the Tech Tools collection.
  • Co-author an article with Logan Rath about the design and implementation of the “Request It!” service.
  • Further collaborate with the Film Studies department to promote and enhance usage of the Tech Tools collection.
  • Continue participation and collaboration with the New Faculty Learning Community.
  • Develop an alternative and low-cost digital signage solution using a Raspberry Pi computer to make it easier to manage the library’s main digital sign.
  • Serve on SUNYLA’s Sylvia Chu Memorial Scholarship committee as submission reviewer for 2014’s award candidates.
  • Research Aleph’s booking module feature in efforts to provide students with better access to reserve materials.
  • Submit a grant through the 2014 Faculty/Staff Technology Support Initiative for additional equipment and materials for the 3D printer scanner.
  • Collaborate with library staff and SerialsSolutions to setup and implement the recently negotiated Summon Discovery layer product.

Development Activities Attended

  • Workshop, “iPad Users Group,” Library, Information, & Technology Services. (November 8, 2012 – Present).
  • Faculty Learning Community, “New Faculty,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (July 2012 – Present).
  • Librarian Team Leader, “ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Program,” Association of College and Research Libraries. (April 2013 – July 2014).
  • Conference Attendance, “Ed Tech Day 2014,” Ithaca College. (March 27, 2014).
  • Workshop, “Doceri Training,” LITS. (March 10, 2014).
  • Workshop, “Infographics for Librarians,” RRLC. (March 10, 2014).
  • Conference Attendance, “Handheld Librarian 9 Online Conference.” (February 26, 2014 – February 27, 2014).
  • Workshop, “Zotero Training,” LITS. (February 24, 2014).
  • Conference Attendance, “ALA Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits,” American Library Association, Philadelphia, PA. (January 22, 2014 – January 24, 2014).
  • Workshop, “Introduction to Kaltura Mediaspace,” LITS, Brockport, NY. (January 14, 2014).
  • Webinar, “Digital Public Library of America [DPLA] – What does it mean for libraries?,” NY3Rs. (December 12, 2013).
  • Workshop, “SUNY One Bib Regional Meeting,” The Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS), Buffalo, NY. (December 6, 2013).
  • Workshop, “Integrating E-books into Your Courses and Classroom,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (November 1, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “The College at Brockport’s 13th Annual Diversity Conference,” The College at Brockport. (September 19, 2013).
  • Seminar, “3D Printing,” Digital Rochester. (September 18, 2013).
  • Workshop, “Time Management for Faculty,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (August 29, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “ALA 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition,” American Library Association, Chicago, Illinois. (June 27, 2013 – June 29, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “SUNYLA 2013: Opening Minds, Inspiring Tomorrow,” State University of New York Librarians Association, Buffalo, New York. (June 12, 2013 – June 14, 2013).
  • Workshop, “Performance Measures for Learning,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (April 18, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “ACRL 2013,” Association of College and Research Libraries, Indianapolis, Indiana. (April 10, 2013 – April 13, 2013).
  • Workshop, “Technology & Comprehension Using Mobile Devices,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (April 4, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “Ed Tech Day 2013,” Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York. (March 21, 2013).
  • Continuing Education Program, “Planning, Assessing, and Communicating Library Impact: Putting the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education into Action,” Association of College and Research Libraries. (February 4, 2013 – February 22, 2013).
  • Seminar, “Brockport Teaching and Learning Day,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (January 23, 2013).
  • Webinar, “SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grant,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (January 18, 2013).
  • Workshop, “Improving Interactions with Students Outside the Classroom & Understanding the Digital Brain,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (November 15, 2012).
  • Conference Attendance, “2012 Annual Conference and Trade Show,” New York Library Association, Saratoga Springs, New York. (November 8, 2012 – November 9, 2012).
  • Workshop, “Enhancing Excellence in Assessment: Being Successful with MSCHE Standards 7 & 14,” SUNY Council on Assessment (SCoA), Rochester, New York. (November 2, 2012).
  • Workshop, “Designing & Implementing Performance Measures,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (October 16, 2012).
  • Workshop, “Enhancing Teaching by Understanding How Our Students Learn,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. (September 23, 2012).
  • Conference Attendance, “The College at Brockport’s 12th Annual Diversity Conference,” The College at Brockport. (September 20, 2012).
  • Online training, “Internal Control Training,” The College at Brockport Internal Control Group, Brockport, NY. (August 29, 2012).
  • Webinar, “Analytics for Enterprise Efficiency and Effectiveness,” Educause. (July 26, 2012).
  • Webinar, “Analytics for Teaching, Learning, and Student Success,” Educause. (July 25, 2012).
  • Webinar, “What Does Analytics Mean for Higher Education?,” Educause. (July 24, 2012).

VI. Internal Grants, Publications and Presentations

Grant, “Technology for Mobile Students”. (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014).


I. Departmental service

  • Committee Member, Rare Book and Special Collections Review Committee. (February 2014 – Present). Committee to review the holdings and purpose of our rare books and special collections materials.
  • Committee Member, Discovery Layer Committee. (September 2013 – Present).

Committee charged with researching the functionality, pricing and other factors in available discovery layer products and providing the library with a purchase recommendation based on these findings.

  • Committee Member, 3D Printer Committee. (May 2013 – Present).

Manage policies, procedures, logistics, student workers and other miscellaneous tasks related to offering access of the 3D printer to the campus community.

  • Committee Member, Wells and Cornell Award Committee. (April 2013 – Present).
  • Committee Member, Tech Tools Advisory Committee. (March 2013 – Present).
    • Volunteer and Committee Member, Tech Tools Roadshow. (August 22, September 5, September 10, 2013). Brought a number of Tech Tools devices and the 3D printer to the Seymour College Union to demonstrate and make aware technology offerings at the Drake Memorial Library.
  • Librarian Team Leader, ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Program. (April 2013 – July 2014).
  • Committee Member, Promoting Scholarly Communication through Open Access Journals Conference Committee. (November 2013 – March 2014).
    • Committee formed to plan and hold an open access publishing conference at the College at Brockport on March 28th, 2014.
  • Volunteer, Accepted Student Open House. (April 6, 2013).
  • Committee Member, Library Clerk 2 Search Committee. (February 2013 – March 2013).
  • Proposal Reviewer, Open SUNY Textbook Program. (January 2013).
  • Display Table Volunteer, 2012-13 Faculty and Staff Campaign Kickoff Luncheon. (November 30, 2012).
  • Committee Member, Giving and Getting Access to Scholarly and Instructional Materials. (August 2012 – October 2012).
  • Volunteer, Fall 2012 Undergraduate Admissions Open House. (October 27, 2012).

 II. College service

  • Volunteer and Committee Member, The Giant READ. (October 2013 – Present). Volunteers at Giant READ events by engaging students and distributing books and school supplies. Locally helps to acquire and materials for and assemble goodie bags for children. Student-athletes and librarians visit children at Theodore Roosevelt School No. 43 as part of the Giant Read program, which is designed to promote literacy to elementary students.
  • Committee Member, iPUG (iPad Users’ Group). (September 2013 – Present).
  • Equipment cataloger and circulation logistics, edTPA Camera Kit Program. (August 2013 – Present). Assisted the edTPA program in cataloging and circulating video cameras and tripods to student teacher candidates. Ongoing duties include running reports, modifying lending periods and improving logistics to circulate kits.
  • Campus Survey Administrator, MISO Survey. (July 2013 – Present).
  • Webcast Technician, Brockport LiveWired Webcasts. (January 2013 – Present).
  • Committee Member, Veterans Day Committee/Veterans Advisory Board. (August 21, 2012 – Present).
    • Volunteer, Veterans Day 5K Run. (November 10, 2013). Helped to register race participants and assisted with other logistics during and after the race.
  • Video Technician / Participant, Employee Fitness Program – Yoga Class. (November 1, 2013). Videotaped and participated in a yoga session sponsored and presented by student workers of the Employee Fitness program.
  • Webcast Technician, International Guild of Musicians in Dance 2013 Conference. (October 12, 2013).
  • Webcast Technician, Hunter Institute on Young Children 2013 Conference. (October 5, 2013).
  • Webcast Technician, Undergraduate Commencement. (May 18, 2013).
  • Volunteer, Undergraduate Commencement. (May 18, 2013).
  • Participant, College of 2025 Conversation. (April 4, 2013).
  • Webcast Technician, BASC Live Truffle Making Demonstration. (January 30, 2013).
  • Grant Proposal Reviewer, Internal, Open SUNY Textbooks, funded through the SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology Grants (IITG) program. (January 2013).

III. Public and community service

  • Volunteer, Committee Representative, The Giant READ. (February 14, 2014). Represented the Drake Memorial Library by engaging students and distributing books and school supplies. Student-athletes and librarians team to encourage Rochester elementary students to read.
  • Volunteer, The Giant READ. (October 11, 2013) Represented the Drake Memorial Library by engaging students and distributing books and school supplies. Student-athletes and librarians team to encourage Rochester elementary students to read.

IV. Service to the discipline or profession

  • Member, Rochester Early Career Information Professionals. (September 2013 – Present).
  • Project Team Member, World War I Poster Cataloging and Digitization Project, The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, Buffalo, NY. (January 2011 – Present).

V. Other civic engagement


  • ACRL’s Assessment in Action: Academic Libraries and Student Success Program. (April 2013 – July 2014).


  • Conference Attendance, “The College at Brockport’s 13th Annual Diversity Conference,” The College at Brockport. (September 19, 2013).
  • Conference Attendance, “The College at Brockport’s 12th Annual Diversity Conference,” The College at Brockport. (September 20, 2012).