Post-Tenure Activities

Post-Tenure Activities

Transitioned into a post-migration Systems Administrator role for Ex Libris’s Alma

  • Post-migration, continued in the role of primary technical contact to SUNY Library Shared Services.
  • As project manager for the local Alma implementation team:
    • Finalized go-live preparations and activities for Alma’s launch date of June 13, 2019.
    • Facilitated communications between library staff, the SUNY LSP Migration Team, and Ex Libris regarding the status of the migration.
    • Gathered input from stakeholders to inform decisions regarding implementation and go-live.
      • Numerous collaborative meetings to discuss and develop new workflows and interactions between library teams.
    • Attended weekly migration conference calls.
    • Final clean up of local data in order to facilitate a smooth migration from Aleph to Alma.
    • Developed and adapted departmental workflows to align with the architecture and functioning of the Alma/Primo system.
  • As Alma Systems Administrator:
    • Attendance at regular post-migration conference calls and webinars outlining known issues and enhancements to the Alma/Primo platform.
    • Explored, planned, and implemented new library services that Alma makes possible
      • Implementation with SLSS of SUNY Resource Sharing Network
      • Post-pandemic services anticipated include on-campus delivery of library materials, SMS communications with patrons
      • Configuration and setup of SUSHI protocol to enable COUNTER statistical reports for subscription databases.
    • Continued extensive troubleshooting, configuration, and customization of Alma/Primo system to meet the needs of the patrons and staff of the Drake Memorial Library. Many of these tasks uniquely presented themselves after go-live in the production environment.
      • Examples Included:
      • Completion of cross-departmental project to sync patron records with the Banner student information system
      • Continued review, adaptation, and transition of legacy Aleph configuration tables in efforts to take full advantage of Alma’s capabilities and modernize library services.
      • Further customization of HTML, CSS, XML, and XSL files within Alma to create a unique, customized experience for the Brockport campus community based upon real-world needs.
      • Modification of ‘Discovery Display Logic’ in Primo that allows showing or hiding various electronic services based on patron classification.
      • Creating an AutoHotKey script to automatically update 30,000+ item records with incorrect numeration and chronology data.
    • Service as primary technical contact to SUNY Library Shared Services, with duties including:
      • Facilitation of communications between library staff, the SUNY LSP Migration Team, and Ex Libris regarding functionality and troubleshooting of Alma/Primo.
      • Attendance at in-person and online post-migration Alma training workshops.
      • Participation on SLSS task forces including Problem-Solution Resource Sharing group and the Network E-Resource Task Force

Rapid development and implementation of online resources for patrons due to the COVID-19 pandemic and shift to 100% online learning

Emergency projects included:

  • Rapid development and implementation of the ‘Continuity of Library Research & Instruction’ LibGuide.
  • Rapid development and implementation of an accompanying FAQ to provide answers to patrons on changes to library services
    • Consulted with Library Management to communicate newly-defined policies through the LibGuide and FAQ
  • Addition of numerous complimentary access resources to the Alma/Primo platform provided by vendors and communicated these changes through the FAQ.
  • Modification of the library homepage with current OUCampus system permissions and through collaboration with the LITS Web Team
  • Rapid development and implementation of a hybrid MachForms / LibAnswers solution to enable patron requesting of physical access to materials and book chapter scans from the Drake Library.
  • Modification of Drake Library’s OCLC Worldshare profile and settings.
  • Continuous updating of information of the above outlined services as necessary.
  • Presented with colleagues at the 2021 SUNY Mid-Winter Conference about these activities.

Managed, maintained, and promoted the Drake Memorial Library Makerspace

Selected projects include:

  • Continued collaboration with the new Assistive Technology Specialist to develop a tactile, 3D printed campus map to spatially orient visually impaired students, faculty, and staff.
    • Expanding upon the tactile map project with initial steps taken to develop a larger scale relief map for use by Campus Police and create showpiece bronze cast maps to be placed on campus.
  • Currently working on a project to print over 50 posed figurines to assist in the research of Dr. Pamela Beach for children with visual impairments.

Responsible for converting and digitizing media for faculty, students, and staff to improve accessibility to library materials

Examples include:

  • Digitizing VHS films not available in other formats.
  • Converting and compressing large video files to make them suitable for hosting on the Kaltura media platform.
  • Making backup copies of DVDs.
  • Authoring and burning video files to DVD.
  • Fixing faulty publisher content and converting it to an easily accessible and functioning format.

Actively participated in library reference and instruction activities

  • Served in regular staffing the library Reference Desk including evening and weekend shifts in rotation.
  • Primary contact for instruction sessions on legal research using Westlaw Campus Research.

Continued work with the Collections & Discovery Team to deaccession materials from the library’s collections

  •  Efforts were part of both regular duties and to cleanup bibliographic data in Alma .

Continued collaboration with the Collections, Discovery, Cataloging, and Metadata Librarian to support the REOC and VSW satellite libraries to catalog and process materials.

  • Efforts focused on staff training and systems configuration for these libraries in Alma

Other Activities

  • Served as liaison to the Film Studies, African and African-American Studies, Military Science, and Mathematics departments.
  • Installed and customized library related software programs on staff PCs.
  • Assisted in collaborative planning, analysis, and assessment of services.
  • Identified and recommended acquisition of new technologies for use in the delivery of library services.
  • Maintained a working knowledge of technologies critical to the design and delivery of library services.
  • Actively pursued professional development.
  • Completed role of Team Lead for the Fulfillment, Assessment, Systems & Technology Team (July 1, 2018 – July 31, 2019)
  • As team lead played a key role in supporting the library’s goals by
  • Direct supervision of 1 librarian, 1 professional, and 1 clerical staff member.
  • Scheduling, agenda creation, and moderation of team and individual team member meetings.
  • Reporting on team activities to the Library Director and advocating for team initiatives.
  • Creation of a Microsoft Teams page to improve team collaboration by empowering a more immediate, casual forum to discuss issues and communicate information.
  • Oversees the Circulation Department and directly supervises the department’s CSEA clerical staff members as of April 2021
  • Managed and administered OCLC’s EZProxy web proxy service
    • Worked with OCLC support to request and configure updates to the EZproxy configuration file to address changes in vendor systems and add configuration stanzas for newly added library databases.
  • Temporarily served in a more in-depth role with the Interlibrary Loan Department until the Tech Services Librarian position was filled (through April 2020)
    • Duties included supporting ILL staff, the technical administration, troubleshooting, and modification of Resource Sharing services and the ILLiad platform
  • Served in the role of search committee member for the Tech Services Librarian and LITS Manager of Systems and Network Administration positions
  • Continued collaboration with colleagues to develop a centralized platform to host continuously updated policies and procedures.
  • Continued collaboration  with the Collections, Discovery, Cataloging, and Metadata Librarian to  develop and implement workflows to enable the REOC and VSW satellite libraries to catalog and process materials.
    • Efforts focused shifting to staff training and systems configuration for these libraries with the new Alma library services platform.
  • Continued to manage and improve upon a Raspberry Pi single-board computer powering the library’s digital sign.
    • Maintained and updated a custom Linux kernel to run the Rise Vision slideshow software.
    • Migrated signage to a free-of-charge hosting platform
    • Redesigned and streamlined accompanying slideshow to improve readability.
      • Current news headlines
      • Daily library hours
      • Current weather conditions.
    • Appointed committee chair of the Library Website Redesign committee (Fall 2020)